Billy the King at Fairy Fort Farm

King Billy goat at Fairy Fort Farm

KING BILLY alive and well at FFF. Billy reigns supreme. With his
lovely temperament and beautiful flared horns, Billy has endeared
himself to everyone who has offered him some royal tit bits, of
cabbage, ivy, apples etc. Billy is a happy king as his ‘nanny’ is
Princess FFF who has recently starred in the yet to be released film
‘The Quiet Hour’ by Frenzy Films, about aliens, etc. Dont worry
anyone. Billy the King will sort out them dere aliens, ok.


About fairyfortfarm

FairyFortFarm is all about developing a sustainable lifestyle, where nature, livestock and all animals, and creatures of all types are respected and nurtured. The 'vision' here is to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum. We will continue to try out new ideas, learning together as we move forward ! Michael is a small homestead farmer. Nature lover. Loves the outdoors, hills, countryside, rivers and lakes. Runs a Visitor Farm called FairyFortFarm.." Great place to spend a couple of hours ! "
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